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I am currently a company director and also working as a 3D character and creature artist, concept art, lighting and rendering for games, film, commercials and VR projects for a number of companies in Japan and overseas.

I have worked on a number of AAA Commercials, movies, VR and games in mobile development, specializing in art outsourcing for major game developers and publishers.

I have over 20 years industry experience in the fields of Producing, Art direction, 3D modeling & animation, rendering and compositing, web design, interactive presentations, print media and as a software technical advisor and lecturer at Universities.

I also currently own and run an independent game and art outsourcing studio known as Sitrine.

Runned Courses

3D modelling and texturing.

Digital sculpting with Zbrush

Creature and character modelling with Zbrush and MODO.


Zbrush choice awards 2010

ZBrush Masters feature Pixologic

3D total Golden eye awards 2010

CG Society Editors choice awards 2010

CG Society Editors choice awards 2011



Square Enix


EA Games


Microsft Games Studios