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First of all thank you for visiting my page !

I have been in various industries for 16 years and mostly my role is a 3D character and creature artist and obviously from time to time I do hard surface modelling. I have helped create a number of AAA title games and also big VFX commercials. I spent my entire time in the games development side of things and I do currently own a company Fraktalvoid ( I also happen to do VFX as 3D modelling supervisor for advertisements with the crew at AltVfx.

A lot of people ask what I actually do because they see various things in my folio. I do a number of things other than 3D like Art direction, concept art, programming in C Sharp (Beginner) and python for tools and games, graphics design, web design and even running a company.

Drop me a email if you need work done and would gladly check out the projects available.

Visit us at for news and and blogs for tutorials and making offs of our games so you know what tools we use and how we achieved them.