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Unity5 render test

Now that unity 5 has come along. It had massive changes in the lighting part of the software. Tell you what it is ridiculously amazing !
Here is a quick test with speed tree and a quick hack box scenery done in 2 hours while getting to know how lighting works with HDRI and PBR.
Has camera FX such as SSAO pro from the asset store and aberration etc.



ZBrush 4R7 Hard surface WIP

Heres the work in progress of using ZBrush4R7 Seriously amazing people at Pixologic has done it again with some new wonderful tools and to put the icing on the cake is the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge !

This mech took 4 hours in total so far and the small details are using Joeph Drusts IMM details.


Inferno legion Speed paint

Kick start the year with a new 30 minute speed paint for the daily spit paint group. Lots of fun on this one and using new swatch pallet techniques.



New website

New website comes into place for the start of 2015 ! . Sorry if it is still a bit of a mess cause I am still working out how the theme works !
Will be posting tutorials and other little art stuff in the works.